OATH-TAKING OF NEW CLEC CLUSTER 2 OFFICERS. Bohol Gov. Edgar M. Chatto (foreground) swears into office the new officers and members of the Coastal Law Enforcement Council (CLEC) Cluster 2 composed of the municipalities of Cortes, Maribojoc, Loon and Calape. Shown in photo, among others, are outgoing CLEC Cluster 2 chairperson, Loon Vice Mayor Lloyd Peter M. Lopez, MD; incoming CLEC Cluster 2 chairperson Loon Mayor Elvi Peter L. Relampagos, Cortes Mayor Lynn Iven Lim, incoming CLEC Cluster 2 vice-chairperson Maribojoc Mayor Gumersindo Arocha and PNP BPPO Public Information Officer PSupt. Ricky Delilis (5th, 6th, 7th, 8th and 9th from left respectively). The activity was conducted at the Governor’s Mansion Conference Hall, Tagbilaran City on August 23, 2016.

CLEC 2 holds reorganizational meeting

By: Adam L. Saligumba

          The Coastal Law Enforcement Council (CLEC) Cluster 2 composed of the municipalities of Cortes, Maribojoc, Loon and Calape held its reorganizational meeting on August 23, 2016 at the Governor’s Mansion Conference Hall, Tagbilaran City. Facilitated by the Bohol Environment Management Office (BEMO), the meeting was primarily conducted for the election of a new set of CLEC Cluster 2 officers, updating of CLEC Cluster 2 member LGUs on programs and future activities, reporting of accomplishments by the Municipal Coastal Law Enforcement Teams, and turnover of roles and responsibilities of the outgoing CLEC Cluster 2 chairperson to the newly elected CLEC Cluster 2 officials and members. Bohol Gov. Edgar M. Chatto, who is the CLEC provincial chairman, graced the activity and served as the inducting officer. Also in attendance were outgoing CLEC 2 chairperson Loon Vice Mayor Lloyd Peter M. Lopez, MD; Loon Mayor Elvi Peter L. Relampagos; Maribojoc Mayor Gumersindo Arocha; Cortes Mayor Lynn Iven Lim; PNP BPPO Public Information Officer, PSupt. Ricky Delilis; the SB chairpersons of the Committee on Environment of the four LGUs, the PNP chiefs-of-police and police environment desk officers of the four LGUs, BEMO personnel, municipal information officers of the four LGUs, Philippine Coast Guard (PCG) personnel, Municipal Fisheries and Aquatic Resources Management Council (MFARMC) chairpersons, Municipal Environment and Natural Resources Office (MENRO) personnel, coastal resource management personnel and fishery technicians. The new set of CLEC 2 officials and the officers and members of corresponding committees inducted into office are: Chairperson – Loon Mayor Elvi Peter L. Relampagos; Vice-Chairperson – Maribojoc Mayor Gumersindo Arocha; Members – Cortes Mayor Lynn Iven Lim; Treasurer – Teodomiro P. Coritico–Loon; Secretary – Team Leader: Adam L. Saligumba – Loon; Members: Ms. Esmeralda Paga – Cortes, SB Kag. Jonathan Rojas – Maribojoc and Ms. Elizabeth Cortez – Calape. Public Relations Officers (PRO) – Team Leader: SB Kag. Pedro M. Literatus Jr – Loon; Members: SB Kag. Milan Rebusa–Cortes, Ms. Agustina S. Espera – Maribojoc and Nicolas Sendrijas – Calape. Information Education & Communication Committee – Team Leader: Jonathan P. Longjas – Loon; Members: SB Kag. Isabelo Somontan – Cortes, PO1 Maria Fe Pedros – Calape and Felix N. Dumandan – Maribojoc. Coastal Law Enforcement Committee – Team Leader: PSInsp Mercedarius Balabat III – Loon; Members: PO3 Donald D Nuera – Loon, PO3 Charlie Jay Ancheta – Loon, PInsp Domine Ragusta – Cortes, PO2 Mario Anniver Garrote – Cortes, PO2 Paterno Arbetrario – Cortes, PInsp Panfilo Urpano – Maribojoc, PO1 Felix Quibol – Maribojoc, SPO1 Omar Khan Valdez – Maribojoc, PSInsp Cresente Gurria – Calape and PO3 Roque D Verano – Calape. Policy and Legislation Committee – Team Leader: SB Kag. Pedro M. Literatus Jr. – Loon, Members: SB Kag. Milan Rebusa – Cortes, SB Kag. Ma. Desiree Calotes – Calape and SB Kag. Marcelino Dapiton – Maribojoc. Fund Sourcing Committee – Team Leader: Loon Vice Mayor Lloyd Peter Lopez; Members: Cortes Vice Mayor Leo Pabutoy, Maribojoc Vice Mayor Jose E. Veloso and Calape Vice Mayor Sulpicio N. Yu Jr. The Monitoring and Evaluation Committee is composed of the officials and personnel of BEMO, DENR, BFAR, OPA, ELAC, PNP-BPPO, PCG and PNP-MARIG. The legal consultants of CLEC 2 are Atty. Jose E. Veloso and Atty. Lord R. Marapao IV. The coastal municipalities in the province of Bohol are grouped into eight Coastal Law Enforcement Clusters (CLEC), namely: CLEC 1 – Tagbilaran City; CLEC 2 – Cortes, Maribojoc, Loon, Calape; CLEC 3 – Tubigon, Clarin, Inabanga, Buenavista; CLEC 4 – Getafe, Talibon, Trinidad, Bien Unido; CLEC 5 – Pres. Carlos P. Garcia, Ubay, Mabini, Candijay; CLEC 6 – Anda, Guindulman, Duero, Jagna; CLEC 7 – Valencia, Garcia Hernandez, Dimiao, Lila; and CLEC 8 – Loay, Alburquerque, Baclayon, Panglao, Dauis. The next meeting of CLEC 2 is scheduled on October 6, 2016 in a still to be announced venue. An orientation will be conducted for all officers and members. Coastal barangay captains of the four municipalities will be included in the activity.