Message of the Mayor

Welcome to Loon!

On the southwesternmost corridor of Bohol lies this biggest municipality of the province, with communities spread in gently rolling hills, beautiful plateaus, lofty mountains and two islands. Named after the mixing together of spring water and the sea, Loon is blessed with natural resources and people’s culture. Join us as we turn back the hands of time and walk through heritage structures and communities of warm-hearted people steeped in cultural traditions.

Experience adrenaline rush as you trail mazes of mangroves, cross rivers, scale mountains, and discover caves that have remained unexplored for many years. Reward yourself with the beauty of nature and let cascades of water massage your weary body. Explore amazing dive sites and island lakes, marvel at Cabilao’s biodiversity and the craftsmanship of its community, or sunbathe on white beaches and sand bars.

Again, with the warmest of hearts and the best of intentions, we welcome you!

Mayor Elvi Peter L. Relampagos.