A peaceful and growing agri-ecotourism and trading town with empowered people who nurture their heritage and sustainably manage their resources through shared and service-oriented governance.


To create a tourist- and business-friendly environment by sustainably managing the town’s resources and heritage while promoting peace, health and prosperity.

Development Goals

  • CLUP finalized
  • Legislative Tracking and Oversight Committee created
  • Municipal Revenue Generation Plan drafted
  • Municipal Investment Plan drafted
  • Loon Tourism Enterprises Management Office established
  • Tubig-Loon Spring Park Management Office established
  • Human Resource Management Plan drafted
  • PRAISE adopted
  • Citizen’s Charter reviewed and revised
  • LGU website improved
  • IT Office established
  • Municipal Information Office established
  • BPLO / BOSS established and made operational
  • rear-round
  • LEIPO established Accounts Payable Section established
  • BAC office established
  • Fast-tracking system established and institutionalized
  • Documents storage and retrieval system established
  • Unfinished infrastructure projects for economic
  • enterprises completed
  • Local revenue increased
  • Economic programs, projects and activities that
  • promote agricultural production, trading and tourism
  • launched
  • Barangay roads constructed, maintained or improved
  • Local employment and job opportunities generated
  • Municipal Tourism Master Plan fully implemented
  • Implementation of the Municipal Agriculture and
  • Fishery Development Plan sustained with F3P as
  • banner program
  • Production of high-valued crops, livestock, poultry and
  • marine products increased
  • Agri/fishery ecotourism package developed
  • Loon Waterworks System services and facilities further
  • improved
  • Anti-rabies program sustained