Bohol Island UNESCO Global Geopark is thrilled to participate in the 2nd Global Geoparks Network Film Festival, an event amplifying the Geopark advocacy through the medium of film.

To achieve our goal, we have approached talented Boholano filmmakers and creatives, encouraging them to participate in the competition. This year, the Bucketlist Bohol Team, a staunch supporter of the Geopark, has accepted the challenge.

With the support of local communities and partners, the Bucketlist Bohol team presents “Threads of Hope,” a love letter to the Bol-anon way of life and how it interweaves into Bohol’s geological landscape. This is our official entry for the 2nd Global Geoparks Network Film Festival in Morocco this September 2023.

GGN Film Festival:



Pizaña Family

Hayvie Lapez

Marcvien Lapez

Analiza Amolo

Larsine Grace Jensen

Francis John Rosales

Aleah Mapute Olaso

Producer: Bucketlist Bohol

Writers: Nataniel Luperte

Maria Evelyn Luperte

Nichelle Lucero

Kristian Lucero

Katie Salva

Johnny Ferniz

Van Clayton Responte

Voice Over Writer and Artist: Rebecca Caliao

Music Composer: Odoni Pestelos

Editor & Colorist: Nataniel Luperte

Underwater Cinematographer: Jaypee Fucanan

Production Manager: Maria Evelyn Luperte

Director of Photography: Ivan Jay Yaun

Assistant Director: Mon Peter de Pedro

Director: Nataniel Luperte