The Overseas Workers Welfare Administration of the Department of Labor and Employment is offering the SKILLS-FOR-EMPLOYMENT SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAM.

Who can apply? The main qualifications are:

  1. Applicants should be children of OFWs, or single brothers or sisters of unmarried OFWs.
  2. Applicants must be 18-23 years old.
  3. The OFW must be currently working abroad or, if not working or no longer working abroad, their OWWA membership / accreditation must still be valid.

Any of the following can apply:

  1. ALS passer
  2. High school graduate
  3. College level
  4. Unemployed college graduate

There are at least five (5) training courses available, as follows:

  1. Cookery (40 days)
  2. Food and Beverage (45 days)
  3. Bartending (40 days)
  4. Japanese language (3 months)
  5. Caregiving (6 months)

Documentary requirements:

  1. Application form (available at the Office of the Mayor)
  2. 1″x1″ ID picture, 4 pieces
  3. Photocopy of valid ID with photo
  4. Proof of OWWA membership / receipt (2 photocopies)
  5. Certificate of Eligibility to be issued by the training center (2 copies)
  6. Birth certificate of OFW’s son or daughter (2 photocopies)
  7. Birth certificate of single OFW and his/her unmarried brother or sister
  8. Certificates of No Marriage (CENOMAR) of the single OFW and his/her unmarried brother or sister (2 photocopies)
  9. Notarized Affidavit of No Children for married OFW with no children (2 photocopies)
  10. Marriage contract from NSO, for spouse applicant (2 photocopies)


You can download the form here:
For details, please contact:

Office of the Mayor
Loon, Bohol