Loon Municipal Police Station

Bohol Police Provincial Office

July 27, 2023

Loon Police Station “Back-to-Back” Best Practices Programs “G.O.O.D.C.O.P.S. and A.M.E.L. (Kontra Droga, Terorismo ug Kriminalidad)” strikes again at Barangay Cuasi, Cantam-is Bago and Bahi, Loon, Bohol.

The PNP personnel of Loon Police Station led by PCPT VICTOR P TAGSA, JR- Chief of Police (OIC), with the team composed of PCMS Donald D Nuera, PCMS Emerito T Paulinio, PSMS Leonora M Molina, PSSg Rogelio P Pamplona, PSSg Jackson A Guadalquiver, PCpl Cherryl Ivy F Ermela, and PCpl Raiza Joy P Alkuino, conducted barangay visitation and distribution of foodpacks to chosen beneficiaries as part of the Loon PS best practices programs dubbed as Pulis Sugod Bahay/Barangay; Para Sorpresa’y iBigay (PSB2X) under the G.O.O.D.C.O.P.S. (Generous Officers Offering Desirable deeds; for a genuine Community Outreach Programs and Services) program and conducted series of lecture/symposium under the “Ako’y Molupyo ug Edukadong Loonanon” (A.M.E.L.) Program in the morning of July 24, 2023 at Barangay Cantam-is Bago, Loon, Bohol as well as conducted series of lecture/symposium under the “Ako’y Molupyo ug Edukadong Loonanon” (A.M.E.L.) Program on July 19, 2023 at Barangay Cuasi, Loon, Bohol and on July 25, 2023 at Barangay Bahi, Loon, Bohol.

The “GOOD COPS” Program that started since April 2018 is a brainchild innovation of Loon Police Team authored by PLTCOL NORMAN LOBRIGAS NUEZ, the previous Chief of Police of Loon PS and now being continued and practiced by this station under the leadership of the present Chief of Police (OIC), PCPT VICTOR P TAGSA, JR, which stands for (GOOD – Generous Officers Offering Desirable deeds; for a genuine COPS – Community Outreach Program and Services). This program is designed to bring the police closer to the public; and to continue winning the hearts and minds of the community – an indispensable element in the attainment of its goal of making Loon a safer place to live, visit, invest and do business. The said Program has a simple concept of offering desirable and good deeds with generosity not only in the performance of their official mandate on bringing peace and order and ensuring public safety but also in their conduct of community outreach programs and other services.

Also, the Team Loon Pulis GOOD COPS conducted information drive against drugs, terrorism and criminality under the “A.M.E.L.” Program, which is a program initiative of the former Chief of Police of Loon MPS, PCPT AMELITO MELENDRES MELLORIA, which is now continued and sustained by the current Chief of Police, PCPT VICTOR P TAGSA, JR, that focuses on the conduct of series of lecture/symposium educating the public or community through the conduct of information drive on laws and ordinances which were deemed helpful on their daily lives wherein topics were seriously considered for the purpose of helping in educating the target audience that aims for the support of the community in joining the PNP in the fight against illegal drugs, terrorism and criminality to attain and maintain a safe, peaceful and progressive Loon. PSMS Leonora M Molina, Chief PCR PNCO, discussed about the topics on the awareness campaign on the ill effects of illegal drugs and the punishable acts and penalties under Republic Act 9165 or the Comprehensive Dangerous Drugs Act of 2002 while PCpl Cherryl Ivy F Ermela, Asst PCR PNCO, cascaded about the Republic Act 11313 or the Safe Spaces Act which is also known as the Anti-Bastos Law, the salient features of the Anti-Rape Law of 1997 or Republic Act 8353 along with its punishable acts and penalties, online sexual abuse and exploitation of children, other related crimes, and cyber related crimes and PCpl Raiza Joy P Alkuino, Asst WCPD PNCO, discussed about the all-out awareness campaign on gender based violence such violence against women and their children. IEC materials about the above-mentioned laws were also distributed as well as the hotline numbers of this police station with captions “E-SUMBONG MO A.M.E.L.”.

The said information drive campaign particularly on anti-illegal drug campaign was also in line with the DILG program dubbed as B.I.D.A. (Buhay Ingatan, Droga’y Ayawan) that gave emphasis on the drug demand reduction program of the government, which is one of the program strategies of the government to combat the menace of the illegal drugs in the country.

According to PCPT TAGSA, the said programs were also in line with the 5-Focused Agenda of the Chief PNP, PGEN BENJAMIN C ACORDA, JR, particularly on Community Engagement which puts primary significance on public participation and involvement to realize sustainable peace, safety and progress for the country. He further states that the program implemented has good impact in terms of Police and Community Relations and expressed his gratitude to our partner community leaders especially the Barangay Officials (elected and appointed) headed by the Punong Barangays, Cornelio S Sangueza, Jr. of Barangay Cuasi, Danilo L. Mangaron of Barangay Cantam-is Bago and Milagros P Orion of Barangay Bahi and the stakeholders for their continued support and commitment towards serving the community together with the PNP as well as for making the said activity successful.

On the other hand, the Punong Barangays expressed their gratitude to the members of the PNP Loon for sharing their valuable time and knowledge as well as their blessings through community outreach programs and being chosen as recipient barangay of the said activities.

Lastly, the Chief, PCR PNCO of Loon PNP, PSMS Leonora M Molina, said that the Team Loon Police has provided security and conducted proper coordination with the barangay to ensure the success of the said event.

Fulfilling the promise to exert efforts and extend community services to the community showed the heavenly virtues of kindness and generosity.


Public Information Officer