Loon Municipal Police Station

Bohol Police Provincial Office

August 21, 2023

Team Loon Police Back-to-Back Arrests of Wanted Persons for Violation of Other Acts of Child Abuse (Section 10 (a)) and Lascivious Conduct (Section 5(b)) of R.A. 7610

Loon Municipal Police Station intensified campaign against all forms of criminality and the continuous aggressive roll out of law enforcement operations has been carried out strictly which helped ensures that crimes are prevented if not eradicated all together from the community.

This intensified anti-criminality law enforcement operation is an all-out police operation against drug personalities, most wanted persons, bearers of loose firearms among others and other forms of criminalities which has become a contributing factor in the decline of crimes in the country along with the strict enforcement of the law without fear and favor.

With these continuous efforts to better serve and protect the communities, numerous notable accomplishments were made by our Team Loon Police with the active leadership of the Chief of Police (OIC), PCPT VICTOR P TAGSA, JR.

On August 20, 2023, a back-to-back OPLAN Tracker operations led by PCPT VICTOR P TAGSA, JR were launched by Team Loon Police operatives wherein two wanted persons, identified as alias “WIN”, classified as Ordinary Wanted Person and alias “PAHOK”, classified as Top 3 Most Wanted Person-Municipal Level, and both were residents of Barangay Catagbacan Handig, Loon, Bohol, were arrested by virtue of warrants of arrest, both issued by Presiding Judge of RTC Branch 3, 7th Judicial Region, Tagbilaran City, Hon Leo Moises Lison, with Criminal Case No. 27656 for special protection of children against abuse, exploitation and discrimination act (Anti-child abuse law) (Section 10(A) Article VI of R.A. 7610 issued on August 14, 2023 and bail recommendation amounting to P80,000.00 and Criminal Case No. 27655 for Lascivious conduct (Section 5 (B) of R.A. 7610 issued on August 14, 2023 and bail recommendation amounting to P200,000.00, respectively.

Further, the arrested wanted persons were all informed of their constitutional rights in the language best known to them and were subsequently brought for medical examination and currently in the custody of Loon MPS.

Meanwhile, PCPT TAGSA applauded the effort of its intelligence operatives who exerted efforts in locating the said wanted person and noting the participation of community intelligence volunteers in the different successful PNP campaign plans.

Loon Municipal Police Station will continue to intensify the campaign against any forms of illegal activities and will arrests those violators of the law along with the aim to attain and maintain a safe, peaceful and progressive Loon which is also in line with the Aggressive and Honest Law Enforcement Operation, one of the 5-Focused Agenda of the Chief PNP, PGEN BENJAMIN C ACORDA, Jr, which focuses on an intensified anti-criminality campaign reinforced by strong inter-agency collaboration as well as the PNP P.A.T.R.O.L. Plan 2030.


Public Information Officer