Loon Municipal Police Station

Bohol Police Provincial Office

August 4, 2023

Loon MPS Implemented the BPPO Project L.A.B. (Libreng Alagad ug Balay) and Conducted Turn-over Ceremony

On August 2, 2023, the PNP personnel of Loon Police Station led by PCPT VICTOR PONGASE TAGSA, JR – Chief of Police (OIC), with the team composed of PEMS William Q Tecson, PCMS Emerito T Paulinio, PSMS Marjuel M Molina, PSMS Leonora M Molina, PMSg Jason Amonsot, PMSg Ferdinan F Ceballos, PSSg Joesen Vincent M Arocha, PSSg Rogelio P Pamplona, PSSg Christopher P Ramirez, PCpl Cherryl Ivy F Ermela, PCpl Riche C Rebusa and PCpl Raiza Joy P Alkuino in collaboration with the Bohol Police Provincial Office led by PCOL LORENZO ALFECHE BATUAN, Provincial Director, and with security assistance and participation of the PNP personnel of 702nd Maneuver Company, RMFB7 headed by their Commanding Officer (OIC), PLT BILL RICO D DUPAGAN, conducted barangay visitation, turn-over ceremony of the newly constructed house to the beneficiary Mr. and Mrs. Timoteo and Arlene Fronteras in Barangay Campatud Loon under the Bohol PPO Project L.A.B. (Libreng Alagad ug Balay) which was sponsored by the Provincial Governor of Bohol, Hon. Erico Aristotle Aumentado together with his wife and 2nd District of Bohol Representative, Congresswoman Maria Vanessa Aumentado.

The Bohol PPO: Project L.A.B. (Libreng Alagad ug Balay) is a program that promotes strong cooperation and partnership among involved institutions and organizations and will provide a decent shelter to selected beneficiaries from less fortunate families who are God-Fearing and Law-Abiding Boholanos. It also promotes the Filipino Bayanihan concept and motivates generous individuals in providing essential services thereby addressing community needs, especially on building decent shelters to those the families in need that are qualified for the program.

In the implementation of the said program, Loon MPS led by PCPT TAGSA, JR, reached out to our partner advocacy support groups and other partner stakeholders and LGU to fully realize the said program. Being the chosen barangay, Punong Barangay Natalio B. Pacomios, Jr. expressed his enthusiasm and eagerness to support our PNP personnel along with his barangay officials, SK members and other constituents throughout the construction of the said house. Our Faith-Based Group partner, Love Philippines Movement headed by Leader, Wilfredo Digdigan, Jr. has been a great help and support with their tremendous effort throughout the completion of the said project since Day 1 (April 27, 2023) until the day of the turn-over ceremony (August 3, 2023).

During the turn-over ceremony, the following sponsors were present especially AFPSLAI Bohol who sponsored grocery items for the beneficiary as well as food packs for the neighboring households where the couple resided and the 15th Sangguniang Bayan-Loon headed by Vice Mayor Lloyd Peter M. Lopez, whom was represented by the three members of the SB, namely: Municipal Councilor Willou Tan, Municipal Councilor Pedro Literatus and Municipal Councilor Marie Hazel Saavedra. Present also was Loon MPS partner media representative: Mr. Alexander “Boy” Luzon who conducted interview with our couple beneficiary and media covered the said activity.

A simple boodle fight that was prepared by Loon MPS personnel were served as lunch and was enjoyed by the guests, residents of Barangay Campatud, Loon, Bohol and PNP personnel of Loon MPS and 702nd MC, RMFB7.

PCpl Cherryl Ivy F Ermela, Asst. PCR PNCO hosted the said program in which an opening prayer was led by Mr. Digdigan, Jr, one of the leaders of Love Philippines Movement and was followed by a welcome remarks of the Punong Barangay of Barangay Campatud, Natalio B. Pacomios, Jr. PLTCOL NORMAN LOBRIGAS NUEZ, Chief PCADU, Bohol PPO, gave the statement of purpose and brief background of the said program and was followed by the presentation of brief background of the beneficiary, Mr. & Mrs. Fronteras.

Immediately after, the turn-over ceremony proper was conducted with the ceremonial giving of the house key as well as the ribbon cutting which was conducted by PCOL BATUAN and Governor Aumentado. A house tour was then conducted right after wherein all the distinguished guests checked out the interior of the said newly turned-over house.

The couple beneficiary received the grocery items and sacks of rice courtesy of the following sponsors: AFPSLAI Bohol, Loon MPS and LGU-Loon headed by Municipal Mayor Elvi Peter L. Relampagos and was immediately followed by the distribution of cash assistance courtesy of our Bohol Provincial Governor Aumentado and food packs courtesy of AFPSLAI Bohol, Loon MPS and LGU-Loon to the neighboring households under Purok 2 of Barangay Campatud, Loon, Bohol.

Certificates of appreciation were also given to the project volunteers wherein they also received food packs for their tremendous effort and support during the construction of the said house.

PCOL BATUAN delivered his message and relayed to the community the background on why and how the program was created and realized. He also expressed his grateful appreciation to all the people who made the said program possible and wonderful.

Meanwhile, Governor Aumentado delivered his heartfelt message to the residents of Barangay Campatud wherein he also inspired and encourage the youth as well as their parents to give priority on their education as this will be a great factor in achieving a prosperous future. He also relayed about his and the government’s effort to answer and deliver what is rightfully needed and to listen to the woes and troubles of the members of the CTGs especially when the said barangay was known for some presence of the said group.

A photo opportunity was also conducted together with all the people who joined and supported the said program immediately after the message of our beloved governor which concluded the said program.

Loon MPS “GOOD COPS” Program that started since April 2018 which was a brainchild innovation of Loon Police Team authored by PLTCOL NORMAN LOBRIGAS NUEZ, the previous Chief of Police of Loon PS and now being continued and practiced by this station under the leadership of the present Chief of Police (OIC), PCPT VICTOR PONGASE TAGSA, JR, in which it stands for (GOOD – Generous Officers Offering Desirable deeds; for a genuine COPS – Community Outreach Program and Services) is also aligned with the Bohol PPO: Project Libreng Alagad ug Balay (LAB) wherein the G.O.O.D.C.O.P.S. program was designed to bring the police closer to the public; and to continue winning the hearts and minds of the community – an indispensable element in the attainment of its goal of making Loon a safer place to live, visit, invest and do business in which PLTCOL Nuez being designated as the Chief, PCADU of Bohol PPO, finally launched province-wide the said program to better served and protect our community as the said program has garnered support and appreciation since it was launched in Loon. The said Program has a simple concept of offering desirable and good deeds with generosity not only in the performance of their official mandate on bringing peace and order and ensuring public safety but also in their conduct of community outreach programs and other services.

Lastly, the Chief of Police of Loon MPS, PCPT TAGSA, commended and extended his heartfelt gratitude to the Team GOOD COPS, the sponsor stakeholders, LGU, barangay and other individuals for the success and fulfillment of the activity that everyone contributed full support and cooperation as well as the great dedication and passion of service. The said program was in line with the 5-Focused Agenda of the Chief PNP PGEN BENJAMIN C ACORDA, JR, particularly on Community Engagement which puts primary significance on public participation and involvement to realize sustainable peace, safety and progress for the country.


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